Health: Use medical advice on your Android smart watch on your wrist

When this watch was released in 2015, it was more of an expensive iPhone accessory than an indispensable device. But then smart watch realized that placing a watch, literally in someone’s body, provided telephone capabilities that he could never offer. Optical heart rate sensors provide high frequency heart warnings and provide people with information they can use for medical treatment. The clock potential is clear.

Series 4 is an important step to make Apple Watch an important device. Apple has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. UU For two innovative features: an EKG application that allows you to record an electrocardiogram quickly and features atrial fibrillation that tells you if you have five irregular heart rhythms. The atrial fibrillation function is available in all watches running watchOS 5.

The ECG application is available exclusively for Series 4, because the cable passes through the sapphire crystal layer and digital crown to read.

Some cardiologists are concerned that implementing an ECG can produce false positive results that result in people not needing to be hospitalized. However, this is only indicated by time data and peer review. I talked to people who Apple Watch told them about serious health problems they would not have known before.

Receive notifications that notify you when your heart rate is too high or too low or if your heart rate is very large irregular. If you have kept heart data for months in an application to show your doctor, it will be very beneficial for people who will otherwise avoid being screened (or who are seeking treatment and will only know that nothing is wrong).

Irregular heart rate functions and ECG applications were not available for testing at the start, but were introduced in watchOS 5.1.2 updates. I tested the ECG clock for a full 12-lead ECG in the hospital and it turned out to be accurate. For more information about ECG applications and how to use them, see our tutorial. In addition, a new low heart rate alarm (similar to the high heart rate alarm introduced by Apple on watchOS 4) has been activated, but so far everything is fine.

Other critical integrity features, error detection, can be used immediately. I hope you don’t need to do it. Series 4 has an accelerometer and gyro update that detects when you fall forward or backward, and measures the effect to see if you accidentally dropped it. Don’t try to trick him by losing trust. it will not work Fortunately, I did not fall when testing the clock, so I considered it to function as advertised.


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